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23 May 2009

Little Smiles Project Update (Project Reports: May 2009 #2)

23 May 2009

The government declared victory in the fight over the LTTE, and it will celebrate with a national holiday on May 20. However, 265,000 people or more live in the shelter of camps as of May 19 despite the celebratory mood in Colombo. The number of children in the camp is roughly 80,000. There are several support organizations that have set up space for the play and learning of children in these camps. Surangani has started gift support for the children.

We have started to receive packages from Japan and the USA at the SVS Colombo office. Some include soft little stuffed animals and stationery. Some include handkerchiefs, etc. Thank you. SVS preschool teacher area federations have started to have emergency meetings in response to a letter from the SVS office. Teachers, children and their parents will collect items and get involved in this project, which makes all at the SVS office happy.

We are rushing to prepare these packages to give children in the camps as soon as possible.

Please open your warm heart to these children who have lost everything. Thank you. If you have any questions, contact us.