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22 March 2008

Project Reports: March 2008

Three years after Tsunami

26 December 2007

memorial serviceThis is the third year memorial service after the tsunami hit the Vaddawan village in Batticaloa. Many people participated in the memorial service at Blue Bird Nest Children’s center on December 26, 2007. Vaddawan is developing and people now talk about the future not only past events. The memorial event was supported by Yomiuri Light and Humanity Association. Thank you.

Drinking water support

30 December 2007 to 25 February 2008

drinking water supportIn December there was heavy rain and the village well was damaged. We distributed drinking water for 200 families to prevent waterborne disease especially for young children. We’re thankful for quick correspondence enabling us to get support to do this work by Magokoro Fund of JOCA (Japan Overseas Cooperative Association). We also thank Japan Postal Saving for International Aid who granted a water tank for the BBN project last year water.

Organic farm training

1 February 2008 to 5 February 2008

organic farming trainingBBN staff participated in organic farming training through environment NGO Green Movement of Sri Lanka. Before the training, they used chemicals pesticides and fertilizer. They were surprised to learn how they could make good soil using natural materials such as compost, and Neem tree seeds could be used as pesticides, etc. They all are happy to have learned good, safe ways to produce vegetables for children. Let us continue to watch the development of their gardens.

One day program at Colombo

29 February 2008

workshopTwenty-two preschool teachers from Mannar JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) project MANRECAP and Colombo SVS preschool group participated in handwork and First Aid practice. They learned many things while laughing and enjoying themselves. This was a good opportunity for both Sinhala and Tamil teachers to exchange their views. At the end of the program, both groups expressed interest in visiting their own preschools in the future.

Meeting with Smiles child

6 January 2008

Moris and Sujith and his fatherMr. and Mrs. Mori came to Sri Lanka to meet their Smiles child, Sujith. Sujith and his father came to Colombo from Buttala. They spent the whole day at the planetarium and seashore. Sujith was really happy to see new things and enjoyed playing at the seashore.

More Alipencha from Japanese Embassy stuff

22 February 2008

alipenchaThe Association for spouses of Japanese Embassy staff and Kasumigaseki Fujinkai Japan made a donation for 5 Alipencha Picture book boxes. SVS will distribute these sets for SVS preschool federation members the end of March. Surangani preschool children came to the office and showed them how to use the Alipencha. They sang and danced and everyone was happy and smiling.

School Bag from Japan

March 2008

school bag1school bag2
We received a donation of school bags from one of Japanese member. This style of bag is common in Japanese elementary school. Because these bags are very well-made, even used they can be used many more years. We presented these bags to two Smiles children. They are happy to have uncommon and cute bags and their friends and schoolteacher said, “Cool bag.” They are happy with these bags.