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16 August 2005

Children’s Program at Blue Bird Nest

Blue Bird Nest will have a permanent preschool and children’s library building. Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid has continued its grant support for this SVS Blue Bird Nest (BBN) project. We are very happy to imagine children playing in the new building with big smiles. We have a preschool operating now in the temporary tent, but soon will have a new space with chairs and desks and materials.

There is another program at BBN. Children and Photography (CAP). Gobu is very fond of cameras and takes wonderful shots. He leads this program. He designed the program to teach children to take photos of their environments such as family and villages. The first lesson was to make a card and banner, which required the children to think about working in a frame. He conducted the class very well and children are very interested so the number of participants is growing! Gobu is keeping busy to prepare and organize this project.

I hope this project can expand and that we can have an exhibition to carry to Colombo, Tokyo and the USA.

There is another grant for BBN. Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA) will provide support for children’s books for the BBN library. We ordered Tamil books from India and they will come soon. BBN children’s library will have a large collection of Tamil books.

The learning environment is getting set up little by little with good hearted support from people like you. Thank you. (4 August 2005)

Photo Gallery

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Fishermen who take fish by draft net

Fishermen who take fish by draft net

Card making of Rainbow kids program photograph class

Rainbow kids program dance class

Children at Blue Bird Nest