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30 June 2005

Fund raising for tsunami relief activity

fifth gradersPrinceton Junior School (PJS) teachers, parents and students were eager to help raise money for the children of Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the tsunami. Our success in raising $1372.93 from our Used Book & Toy Sale in February came from the teachers’ brainstorming a new way to raise money which would involve our students. The students made a substantial impact on reminding their parents of the upcoming sale and were glad to bring in books and toys to sell for a worthy cause. Several classes helped set-up and close down the sale. The students, themselves enjoyed purchasing books, toys, grab bag items and entering to win an autographed book in a raffle contest. Our success was also due to a high percentage of our PJS families participating by either contributed items or purchased items.

PJS students have been interested in the children of Sri Lanka and their way of life. We have shared with our students, photos and information about the children that SVS supports. In library classes we have enjoyed reading the English versions of “Wash Wash Wash”, “Strange Visitors to the Cat Country” and “Smiles from Sri Lanka”. Our students were impressed by the Tamil and Sinhala language. Our first and third graders have drawn pictures and written letters to the children of Vadduwan Village at the Blue Bird Nest. We hope to communicate to them on a regular basis. They are impressed by the Alipencha picture book library and realize how lucky they are to have a permanent library in our school.

Princeton Junior School is a small independent school of 130 students in Pre-school through Grade V. Our humble beginnings in rented church basements with a handful of children seem similar to SVS schools. We are fortunate to have seven acres of land and a beautiful schoolhouse in a rural setting in Princeton, New Jersey. The logo of the School is the chambered nautilus shell. It stands for the central philosophy of “spiral learning” in which children are encouraged to build upon their core of knowledge as they grow from season to season, from grade to grade, from early to late childhood and into adulthood.

Christina B. Moore, Library Resource Guide for Princeton Junior School.