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27 June 2005

BBN has a hall now

temporary housingJune is the rainy season in Sri Lanka.

Surangani’s “Blue Bird Nest” in Vadduwan also has had rain and it has caused a delay in the construction of our well. The strong wind “kachchan” called all the dust from the temporary housing area where all the green and trees were stripped and cleared. All work is in God’s hands!

On the 26th of May, we had a Memorial Day for the five-month anniversary of the tsunami disaster. We put clay oil lamps in the middle of the Memorial Star. We had planned to do this only with the children, but while we were preparing over 80 people came including mothers and who had lost a child and families who had lost other family members. There were 45 tsunami victims including 6 children in this small village.

One of the BBN staff, Murali, started a silent prayer with the words, “Let’s pray for the people all over the world who were lost.” Mothers started to cry and cry with these words. I saw the depth of their scars and of their grief.

BBN has a hall now. Everyone can come here. It has a low roof constructed from coconut leaves and it protects children from the strong heat of the sun. It creates a wonderful space with a cool breeze in the shade.

hall and cricket

music class

dance class

The children have started to participate in dance and music classes in this space. Danushka, the dance teacher, is very gentle and kind. Tawarani, the music teacher, is skinny and has a beautiful voice! All the children were very happy to see the demonstration performance they gave and have started to dream to be like them. We will have a mini concert in December.

cricket teamIn addition, the boys have formed a cricket team. Everybody practices very hard. They look very nice with their new white BBN shirts. They are ready to play a match with some other teams.

uniformThere are ten children in the BBN Preschool. The Peliyagoda teachers donated uniforms and the BBN kids are so proud to wear them! Jayanthi, the BBN pre-school teacher, recently finished a one-week training program at Gampola preschool. She is getting better and better as a preschool teacher!

At BBN, all the children are playing and having fun. They are happy—because of you, they have a wonderful learning environment. Thank you.