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last update 2005.3.13

About new web site design

This site relaunched from Jan. 1, 2005. The new design controls by CSS. Therefore, the display collapses in an browser which insufficient or incompatible with CSS.

Confirmed web browser

If your browser is announced after 2001, it may display without trouble. Even if your browser is not listed in below. Moreover, the display by a voice reading out a browser and a text browser is considered though it doesn't confirm.

  • Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 7.53
  • Internet Explorer 5.23
  • Safari 1.0.3
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 7.53

Because Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 have the problem in the correspondence of CSS, it is set that CSS is not import. The content can be distinguished though it becomes a display without the decoration at all. Please acknowledge it.

Opinion and impression

We will wait for the opinion and the impression of the web site. Please send it via mail to the address of contact page. Please acknowledge not individually answering to sent opinion and impression beforehand.