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last update 2008.10.12

Short History of SVS

In 1992 Surangani Voluntary Services (SVS) began as a small project. SVS started by establishing and supporting Surangani Preschool located near Colombo, Sri Lanka. It did this by constructing the building, training the teachers, and by providing teaching materials, running costs, special trip expenditures, and it also provided educational support in the form of uniforms, shoes, stationery, etc. This support continued for four years and the preschool population grew to about 75 pupils. In 1996 SVS drew up a plan and agreement to hand over Surangani Preschool to the local teachers by the year 2000. During this 4-year period, management and budgetary guidance were provided, along with additional staff development and training.

Since 1992, SVS has been expanding. In August 1995, construction was completed for a new preschool in Godakawela, a rural village in Sri Lanka, and now 35 children attend this preschool every day. SVS provides ongoing teacher training at this preschool.

In addition, SVS supports projects to build preschools in areas where there are none, especially in rural areas. SVS also has a project to help already established preschools by providing training for the teachers, construction of basic facilities such as toilets and water supply systems, and other classroom materials. In 1996, SVS began to run workshops for teachers in rural areas and started publishing a newsletter in Sinhala which gives these teachers a forum for sharing ideas. These workshops will continue and expand to other areas. These are the main activities of SVS.

Through the Surangani Voluntary Services Newsletter (currently only in Japanese), information about Sri Lanka and our project activities is made available to members of the organization. If anyone is interested in talking about or seeing photos of some of our activities, please contact us.